BTyahoo Sign In : Add or remove accounts, family

BT Yahoo Internet account holder (usually the one who pays the bills), sometimes referred to as the master account, and ten other accounts for other family members, sometimes known as the South has been sent.
Account Wizard when you first ordered BT Yahoo Internet and only the primary account holder can add or remove additional accounts of the family. 

Add or remove family signed the main account holder, follow these steps to edit:
1. Yahoo Home Page on the Internet, you (in the upper right corner of the page) BT Yahoo account, click the Browse button to go directly to your account, click Select upper right corner. 

2. you can check the security of your password, if so, only a password to connect to BT Yahoo to connect to the Internet, you may have. 

3. the presence on the screen you see the following accounts for all families. If a family has an account set up, the field remains empty. Although it is not recorded as the primary account holder, you're "My Account" you will not see this place.
Add Account.
The new right-hand button "Click Fourth 

4. these areas name the new subkey, make the filling. 

5. choose user names, "to" @ choose only one name, with a capital letter can be: user name and password on the right side of the nature of the information. 

6. All fields must be filled out everything such as zip code, configure, customize, weather online, communicate what you see. 

7. then click Next.

8., when information is incomplete, will be invited to return information for each area. "There is a bill already told the user name is already being used in any way you see the message, if so, try a different user name and click Next. And the user name (John so low. as it should be), and then try them rarely, or add numbers to try. 

9. if successful, setup an email account. "Yes" offers.
Congratulations , you are a new user, or "My Account" page where you can bring new users to sub can still see the logs. My account, check your password for security, if so, only on the Internet, BT Yahoo, you can have the same password will be recovered. 

Delete this account. 

number of family members of the Delete button to delete a word. You can confirm the thirteenth of the Czech box to confirm your account. "Yes, inspire, remove, remove sub. confirm whether the account is deleted, click on the link in your account and get, if you see something you can eat the book will be deleted.