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Even if you're not there - BT Yahoo juveniles, to ensure safe fun on the Internet provides children and parents peace of mind. 

BT Yahoo Parental Controls, obscene Web content for their children this way, and self-management solution, not kids on the Internet. 

Children, adolescents, older teenagers and 4 simple rules, including maintaining full access to all children up to BT Yahoo Parental Controls

However, given that children on campus is not so important that children do not seem to see it. Children on the Internet (Yahooligans is called!) Games, jokes, science, sports, news and children's hand, as a member of the editorial board more interesting and educational material. 

Parents or family members can configure the settings for each child to use by default.
Here's what you get parental controls

Configuration management, Web-based interface for the site

  • - Set the Internet with your choice of four levels
  • - Block unwanted web content filtering
  • - Restrict access to certain sites or allow
  • - The solution for communication with the child
  • - View online for my child while
  • - Activity Reports to know what your child is doing online
Quick Reference Guide for parental control 

Set up parental controls, you must first Brauzar BT Yahoo. If you say at the top of your browser window. BT Yahoo Internet says that if you have just installed BT Yahoo browser is not listed, or to direct the software BT Yahoo web of my recovery, I follow the instructions. 

If you have access to the search engine, Yahoo BT and BT Yahoo, Internet-connected device easy parental control, child lock button on the toolbar or enter see the window below it .
All participants have all the family members working. 

When you create an account, create a family move. Tip: The family is often added to the south, and family or read accounts by using this guide for more information about their accounts deleted.
The man who set parental controls, click the title. 

Stress can change the settings or leave the default settings because they are the extra features you can add a "Save Settings". 

WATCH - - choose day, week or day, hour limit, so (for example, clock 10:00 every hour of Internet access is not earlier than three days) on your computer, so it can be undone, but I do not see the time remaining slaknere appearance. 

Ask permission - - Web or Instant Messenger, block the right to ask to come into contact with the parental controls can be used. You can allow or disallow access to the file that you can think of.
Report on the activities of the Internet  - When you exercise, to allow for seven days to record user activity. Activity, websites visited and instant messaging activities include: 

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The next thing you need to ensure that such agreements are valid, your computer is parental control.Only the parental control button on the page, and then, computers were recovered.