BTyahoo Sign In : Single Sign-on with User Chooser

BT Yahoo Internet software installation part of every family member-per-click your Web application has its own potential. This feature saves your user name (which is also e-mail) and your password, enter the time and be connected to the Internet and all of a joint service will be started automatically for you (by e-mail, instant messages, pop-up blocking ads, the parent control and personal BT Yahoo web site included). 

This feature is called User Chooser, only users on your account allows you to select your name from the list, and looks after double the desktop or Start menu, select the icon for BT Yahoo Internet. The screen shown below: 

Just click on the family, and your password, click, and must be signed. 

• First, you will see this screen, only the primary account holder and the "other user" appears on the screen. If you do not eat other businesses will appear, but you must click on the main road and enter the symbol of the account holder (which is always first). As you add new accounts to see how it will automatically appear in the window next time you connect. 

¨ "other" images taken by States which are not members of the family, so if you visit a friends house and then another user can connect with your personal service of Yahoo BT Internet. "Other users" requires both usernam forgot your password and user name is your full email address (ie den@John.Smith john.smith). 

• If you connect to a connection with your password, click "forgot password" and follow the screen Do not forget to change your password. 

• If you have a user name Yahoo BT Internet service, because you're using before downloading, just a user name and password on the screen can also Yahoo. 

• The password can log in to Messenger and BT automatically. Messenger to log on automatically when the Messenger of registration "and click. Save this password in your box "Save password". 

To change the icon, user name, click on the icon image associated with your name, and then select "Change sign me." "Click the" page where you can select the icon you will go to a specific user name will be concentrated on the map. BT Yahoo Internet icon is displayed and stored in your registration. 

If your computer from the Internet is just one • a user, select this step can be excluded from the "automatically connect". Ignore the user and automatically sign selector 

• If you connect to a connection with your password, click "forgot password" and follow the screen Do not forget to change your password.