BTyahoo Sign In : Photos Album

BT Yahoo Internet with you to store photos or images from a huge 100 MB of disk space to get an online photo album. This can save the image can be seen only in humans or your friends and family around the world choose to share. 

When you return from vacation, save your photos on your computer and online friends and family instantly upload albums to share. 

If you have a digital camera, photo on your computer (usually in my photo) software, which comes with a digital camera can see. If you have a digital camera, however, you still get your photos or pictures online photo album to save money or you can send people to the Internet to save. 

The easiest way to control web photo album in any way (not to mention assistance in the sidebar How to use the sidebar in this guide "section), photo, sidebar. 

If you're not on the sidebar, you "Browse BT Yahoo" access, you can view your album cover and "Pictures", click "Organize" button in the section.

Previous and next - pacing back and forth through the pictures stored in an album. 

Signal to stop and slide show function, which automatically displays the photos you've started - a slide show.
Add - to add photos to your album: organize photos, make a new album can choose to create (note the name of the file can be saved at the end of downloading a single file), so that every holiday, and this is another album. 

Random - the images for the album, it seems random
Update - Used to display the image to refresh 


Drag - drag and drop photos from your local computer or digital camera to find the album to a friend and put it in the sidebar photo.