BTyahoo Sign In : Personalise my Homepage

You can easily customize the page to your BTyahoo home may include:
  1. The type of content modules that you want to see
  2. These pieces of content (eg, favorite movies, favorite news provider, etc.) for each of your preferences 
  3. To view the content of your page sections
  4. Color and theme
BT Yahoo Home page order and keep the unity of the system changes ,You can make your home so that the content exactly where you want to change. 

The structure and content of the module system link that appears in the upper left corner of the homepage to "custom" feel. Certain content on one page wide column display, organized, and appears close to the column name is selected. To move a module up or down, just select the partition, and then click the arrow to the right or bottom of each column. When finished, click "Done." 

Another simple way to change your home page in the upper right corner of each piece of content editing link shows to choose from. Clicking on the link opens a menu with the up and down arrows. However, click the arrow or a related module, where you want to move to view this page, click the button below. You can also remove the relevant sections of your site in the "Delete" can be
Change the color scheme 

You can choose the color scheme for your page you can do better. Click on this button appears in the upper left corner of the homepage to change the flag on the link. 

Several color themes will be brought to the page. To view the color scheme you want, just go back to the main page next to "link with" and "Finish" button clicks.