BTyahoo Sign In : Sidebar

BT Yahoo browser and your settings for quick access to information, which provides a customizable toolbar. If you have not installed BT Yahoo browser or this book only to be installed on your computer, install the software BT Yahoo My Web follow the instructions. 

When you first install BT Yahoo Internet software will appear in the left side of the screen when the browser is closed. 

Switch "sidebar" to click on two or three monitors side panel on the other side of the screen with one click step. 

For example, it seems, LAUNCHcast radio, photo and goes envoy three frames to display.
Sidebar, if "X", to close click on the "side" next to the button. 

Select the services that run on the sidebar for services and drop-down list appears on the top toolbar, then click Replace this service to others will be. 

Photo services portfolio and drag and drop photos or files that appear in the sidebar. Thus, the image of my photos stored on your computer, only images in the sidebar and then drag a Web photo albums will be stored and displayed in the sidebar. You can even change your photos, online photo album in the sidebar to view the presentation.