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BT Yahoo mail service with more features is an integrated e-services. BT Yahoo Internet e-mail storage space, provides greater 50MB main account for each family, an additional 10 MB (sub) accounts. mail - on the toolbar or the BT Yahoo mail view of the module on the main page (also known as web mail) or via e-mail browser by clicking either on the e-mail service, with access to MS Outlook Express (POP is known as a mail) as a separate e-mail application on your computer 

All my friends and family online directory information - address

  • calendar - a summary of all appointments and reminders not to forget
  • notebook - recording ideas in your head and come home late, you can see, at work or anywhere, anytime access.
  • mail - with information via SMS to your mobile phone, to bring these important messages via email
  • BTyahoo Sign In : SpamGuard spam filters  - SpamGuard advanced filtering spam messages
  • virus filter - blocks viruses VirusGuard, e-mail address attached
  • match - your home page window to show you your new email messages, can be used quickly.
  • use postal - 50 MB of memory, whether your e-mail, easilly relation space, which is used to control.
  • additional mail storage - to buy additional space for email storage, 50 MB more than it should be available to give.