BTyahoo Sign In : Personalise my Browser

Once the software has a Web browser on your computer, you can view the site on the Internet. Here is the most common browser MS Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are many brands. BTyahoo Internet face of the new search engine, which is similar to one of them, but also very popular browsers can help you develop the most effective web Yahoo. 

BT Yahoo browser, you can:
• Click on the toolbar at the right of the toolbar the "Edit" from the changes. It is easy to add, delete and rearrange the buttons for your convenience. 

• To change your home page when the page loads when you first connect to the Internet will change. From the "Edit", click at the end of the toolbar on the right side and bottom of the screen to ensure that the homepage address of your choice. 

· Add or sidebar, the sidebar you want to remove a very useful tool, but do not see it all the time, only the side of the button to remove it can be learned. It's easy to start again, clicking on the sidebar can be 

• To make the text more or less, when you read the text size of the problem, only the "Options" and click the browser option "Internet" is a button and change the text size larger. 

• clicking on the "View" and then "Toolbar Options" and choose a small or large for large and small, "Create" button.