BTyahoo Sign In : Instant Messenger

Instant messaging to communicate with friends via the Internet. It is similar to email, because they consist of text that you type back and forth. But unlike e-mail that you would expect for a few hours or days to answer. As the name suggests, messages sent to arrive shortly. 

Messenger for instant messaging. To see when friends are online with them back and forth, like a real conversation, to communicate using Messenger. If your friends have a webcam
Using a Webcam you can see, too. This is a huge extra cost anywhere in the world on the road, which connects with friends and family.
BT Yahoo Internet using instant messenger software necessary (please create the BT Yahoo Internet software or reinstall the note, see the document). On your desktop and Start menu of your computer after installing the icon Messenger BT. 

Double-click the icon and BT Messenger window appears as shown below:
You'll see what your friends are online, because they have next to face Smiley. In the example above, the only online Denis. Danny double-click on his name and chat in the chat window will appear 

Notice the drop-down list Send the following way: "It is always advisable to create a profile name is created automatically when users first log so you guys do not communicate the full email address. 

Just a few minutes the window type the message and wait for an answer, your call is displayed in the upper window. 

One or two of you are just buttons and webcam video webcam show, you will invite each other to the window, click to view a webcam.Although both have high bandwidth connections are automatically Super Webcam service. Super Webcam twice the speed of resolution and beyond the standard 20 online faster than improve the quality of video images over time. 

You can send the file button and set the phone to your computer when you connect two speakers and a microphone, you should talk to send the file by clicking the button. 

When using the set and BT Yahoo
Browser, sidebar browser (the driver's side, "Ch. Box) will be established in Instant Messenger.