BTyahoo Sign In : Free Firewall

Firewall is a piece of software that monitors all incoming traffic is known and the only connection that allows reliable. In addition, your computer invisible to online help is hard to find, and others have done to protect your system from external attacks 

As part of the Internet BT Yahoo, we provide a free firewall. Setting up a firewall, you must follow these instructions. If you are connecting to the Internet via a computer network at home, it can be done on any computer. 

The first If you have a link or my BT Yahoo web site (the page numbers in the upper right corner) to go to the My Account link to log into the system. You can also click the "Search" BT Yahoo! Click on the button, and my services, click on the top right corner. 

The second You can check your password for security reasons, if so, simply re-enter the same password to connect to BT Yahoo Internet can be useful. 

Third If your account immediately, "Tools" at the top of the page when I click. 

Fourth my department, "PC Security", click on the products and services. 

Fifth Then you can download for free the opportunity to continue with ZoneAlarm or £ 3,50 per month to select BTyahoo NetProtect., that both an advanced firewall and automatic updates of virus protection.