BTyahoo Sign In : Briefcase

BT Yahoo Internet massive 100 MB of disk space to get an online portfolio. BTYahoo Briefcase to access your home or office, store, manage documents across e-mail attachments, as well as friends and relatives or colleagues around the world share important documents. 

The easiest way to manage the online product portfolio (see box to help How can I use the sidebar in this guide "section), a suitcase - Sidebar module 

The first time you use a portfolio, you will be prompted for a word that is the image of a portfolio of activation. Once you can add or edit the files will be deleted. 

Computer File Manager (Windows Explorer, etc.) files directly in your portfolio, if you transfer to your computer, simply hold down the left mouse button on the file and drag the sidebar and the release of portfolio section. 

If you're not on the sidebar, you "Browse BT Yahoo" can be used to access your portfolio at home and settle in a section, click on a page portfolio.